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Processes + People + Performance Metrics = Operational Results

Operations Performance Consulting, LLC concentrates on helping businesses deploy their strategic objectives and implement performance improvements at the operational level of their organization. Business operations are incredibly complex. Sustainable operational improvement requires a comprehensive understanding of the factors which contribute to unsatisfactory performance. Performance problems and their subsequent solutions often lie in such areas as conflicting directions, inadequate metrics, deficient processes, unenforced procedures, and untrained or unqualified employees. These factors must be addressed in order to make lasting operational improvements.

How We Work with Clients

Many organizations struggle to achieve desired results due to a lack of focus on the actions and activities that directly support the organization’s key objectives. We assist clients in the development of systems that focus employees on these key objectives to promote superior performance. This is accomplished by addressing the following elements - processes, people, and performance metrics.

Processes –Even the most qualified and motivated employees deliver unsatisfactory performance when working with poorly designed or outdated processes. Organizations require effective processes to support efficient delivery of products and services to their customers. We conduct a systematic review to evaluate the client’s existing processes and identify opportunities to better serve customers. Based upon the improvement opportunities identified, we help clients design and implement more effective processes.

People –Do your employees on the front line feel responsible for meeting operational targets? Is your management team bogged down in daily operational issues? Businesses typically fail to achieve their desired operational results because they do not adequately align the priorities and activities of their employees with the overall corporate objectives. It is critical that employees feel responsible for their own performance and accountable for achieving results. Employees who understand what is important, understand they are accountable for results, and understand they can affect change will produce superior results. We work with you to develop an environment where employees focus on achieving key objectives.

Performance Metrics –Businesses without effective performance metrics do not truly know how their operation is performing. These businesses are making decisions based upon well filtered anecdotes. Effective performance standards, performance measurements, and performance feedback systems quantify an organization’s success in meeting its long-term goals. We work with clients to develop performance measurement processes that focus resources on those activities that are critical to the organization’s long-term success.

We help businesses succeed by promoting sustained performance improvement through the alignment of processes, people, and performance metrics with corporate priorities.

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